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xionicist's Journal

Madame Ximon
12 January
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Yes, I finally got around to making a profile here...

I am an artist in many media, including but not limited to: dance, performance art, film, illustration (the old-fashioned pen-and-ink sort), tattoo design, costuming, jewelry design, painting, quilting, and music/lyric composition.

I do a fair amount of modeling, some acting, and an increasing amount of performance art and dance.

I am also the Creative Director for the TempleCon Retro-Futurist gaming convention: http://www.templecon.org/ Since the convention is my regular obsession and consumes much of my time, I am likely to post about it more than most other topics. :)
19th century illustrators, abney park, absinthe, alan moore, alternative medicine, anime, antiques, apocalyptica, apocrypha, art nouveau, astrology, batman, beadwork, bel canto, belly dance, bernie wrightson, brewing, brocade, bronze casting, burlesque, candlelight, cats, cello rock, champagne, chocolate, comic books, contortionism, corsetry, costuming, cruxshadows, dada, dali, dance, dancing, darkseed, dead languages, decopunk, divination, dreams, edmund dulac, enchantment, erte, fae, faeries, fantasy, feathers, fetish, film, fire circles, firelight, frank miller, gaming, gardening, garmarna, goth, goth clubs, goth music, gothic horror, gothic literature, graveyards, grendel, hedningarna, herbalism, homebrew, horticulture, hot metal, iconography, illustration, jah wobble, jewelry, jon muth, kung fu, latex, liminal spaces, lore, lost wax casting, magic, martha graham, martial arts, mary magdalene, marzipan, matt wagner, mead, metalwork, metaphysics, microbrew, moonlight, mortiis, movies, mucha, music, music composition, mysticism, mythology, natascha atlas, neil gaiman, nightmares, nightwish, ofra haza, old books, old cars, olivia, orchids, owls, paganism, painting, performance art, philately, photography, physics, poetry, qigong, quilting, quinton hoover, robert jordan, sandman, sarah bernhardt, sci-fi, scotch, scrying, sewing, sheila chandra, silk, silver casting, singing, single malt, siouxsie and the banshees, snakes, song writing, spirituality, starlight, steampunk, surrealism, sushi, swamp thing, swords, tai chi, tarot, tattoos, the creatures, theatre, tolkien, type o negative, unseelie, velvet, violin, vnv nation, william blake, witchcraft, yoga